Air conditioner ( ac ) can be considered one of ESSENTIALS of life during texas summers. PRETTY MUCH all ac's are the same under the hood with DIFFERENT variations in air DISTRIBUTION inside the VEHICLE. since ac is a closed and pressurized system, smallest leaks can cause your car to loose FREON, and stop cooling. these leaks can be detected by capturing your remaining freon( if any ), introducing liquid dye to your system and repressurizing your ac with the right amount of freon. then using special lights and glasses we can pinpoint where the leak is and replace the faulty part.

another reason your  ac might stop working is the ac COMPRESSOR. since we demand more of our ac's here in texas, the COMPRESSOR seizes up sooner than northern states. if you are lucky you might be able to get your first replacement under warranty. this PROCESS includes capturing your EXISTING freon, removing and replacing your COMPRESSOR, charging up your system with freon to the right pressure.

note: This is the best time to ask your mechanic to check your belt and replace if needed. In our case we check your belts and fluids automatically every time you bring your car in for a visit.

we usually have specials on AC's during the summer months. Ask us about them.